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Solexx greenhouse glazing

Ships in rolls ** Perfect for custom applications ** Being applied to a Conservatory frame.


So yes! Easy to ship, easy to work with and apply, great insulation characteristics, easy to clean, offers some privacy, looks great,  

Solexx applied to a custom gambrel style frame


Solexx is easy to work with. It cuts easily and can puncture, but you just can't tear this stuff. If you had a couple of ice axes you could puncture and pull yourself right up the sides of the building.

Up and Over


Solexx standard width of 49.5" makes overlapping on 24" framing easy. Placing a screw about every 5" on the overlap creates a good seal.

Some important information to consider

Great Insulation Factor and Light Diffusion


It's interesting to note the difference in the way it feels in a greenhouse with 8mm. polycarbonate and 3.5mm Solexx. We have both and can show you the difference. In the Solexx greenhouse you'll note things like terra cotta pots stay a neutral temperature but in the polycarbonate atmosphere they are heated by the sun which dries out the root systems. 

Light diffusion is very Important in the greenhouse


Sealing the ends with silicone helps the insulation factor.



We always try to keep some 3.5mm Solexx greenhouse glazing in stock for immediate purchase. 

Discounts area available on multiple full rolls.

It is also posible to purchase 100' lengths of the 65" and 77" wide 5mm material. Call for pricing.

We can usually provide freight quotes same day.

Other greenhouse coverings are available by special order only.